Agile Business Platform

Leverage one, agile business platform to meet every use case.

Why an agile business platform?

Built on open standards and leveraging open source innovations, our differentiated business platform lets you create modern, mobile-ready cloud applications using the development skills your organization already has. SAP Cloud Platform includes capabilities to readily integrate and extend existing systems to achieve business agility and adapt to changing market needs. SAP Cloud Platform acts as the connective tissue that brings everything together to build applications of the future while making the most of existing investments.

Cloud Foundry technology supports innovation using any programming language or service with the freedom to deploy on a hyperscaler of choice. The SAP Cloud Platform, ABAP environment brings more development choices under one platform to support your cloud-based innovations, all while providing rich business services and secure integration capabilities customers and partners can holistically depend on.

Key benefits of an agile business platform

Accelerate time-to-market for digital transformation projects by leveraging multiple technologies, design paradigms, open source innovations and multi-cloud options for deployment.

Create business value in a variety of application development scenarios – whether it be via ABAP or open standards like Cloud Foundry.

Drive higher productivity and lower application development costs through integrated tooling and consistent development and deployment experiences.

SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment

Leverage existing ABAP know-how with a state-of-the-art development toolset in conjunction with existing SAP Cloud Platform assets and services to increase productivity.

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Multi-Cloud and Cloud Foundry

Drive digital transformation leveraging SAP Cloud Platform with multi-cloud architecture and Cloud Foundry technology to deliver an open, robust and flexible cloud native enterprise platform to build, deploy and manage innovative business applications. 

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SAP Cloud Platform Serverless Computing

Develop and deploy responsive applications and microservices that react to trigger events and scale seamlessly to support unpredictable workloads. Innovate faster and only pay for the resources you use.

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SAP Cloud Platform for Regulated Industries

Comply with regulatory requirements such as FedRAMP and The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) with SAP Cloud Platform offered by SAP.

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Private Cloud

 An ideal choice for customers who want their dedicated and isolated SAP Cloud Platform instance to more effectively meet their data privacy and regulatory requirements.

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