SAP Cloud Platform


Grow your business using SAP Cloud Platform to embed advanced analytics into your solutions, allowing you to identify, combine, and manage multiple sources of data and build advanced analytics models within your business applications for personalized, contextual, real-time apps.

Transform Business Outcomes

SAP Cloud Platform Predictive services enables you to simply and quickly deploy robust predictive capabilities directly into cloud applications. It is fully integrated inside the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit for quick and easy access. Simply enable predictive service, deploy it and you are ready to start tapping into the power of predictive insight.

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Capture, Analyze and Act on Data in Motion

Analyze and act on data as it arrives. Whether its sensor data from smart devices, social media feeds, market prices, or click streams from a web site, SAP Cloud Platform Streaming Analytics can extract insight from that raw data, allowing you to respond as fast as things happen. 

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Gain maximum flexibility with advanced analytics

Leverage SAP HANA in-memory, advanced data processing capabilities to build more intelligent applications that provide insights across all your data – structured or unstructured - at unprecedented speed.  By deploying SAP HANA on SAP Cloud Platform you gain maximum flexibility and freedom to visualize data, discover new insights, and share results.

Watch the webinar replays to learn how you can use SAP Cloud Platform to embed advanced analytics into your solutions:

Consolidate all analytics, for all users, in a single solution

SAP BusinessObjects Cloud is a next-generation software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that consolidates all analytics functionalities for all users in one product. Built on SAP Cloud Platform, it helps you overcome the challenge of point solutions and data silos spread throughout the organization with enterprise-wide access to analytics delivered through a public cloud experience that you can trust.

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Simplify the way you discover and shape data

SAP Agile Data Preparation is a self-service data preparation application providing data discovery, integration, and transformation capabilities. Quickly transform your data into actionable, easily consumable information.

Built for all types of users – the software can help you drive more successful analytics, data migration, and master data management (MDM) initiatives. Simplify how you access and discover the shape of data and become far more productive and agile than you ever dreamed.

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