SAP Cloud Platform

Transform Business Outcomes with SAP Predictive service

Deliver predictable outcomes into the hands of your business users.

SAP Predictive service enables you to simply and quickly deploy robust predictive capabilities directly into cloud applications. Provide predictability into the hands of front line and back office users to transform business outcomes.

Uncover new insights hidden in your data

SAP Predictive service enables you to detect patterns, relationships and oddities in your data for a better understanding of your business: 

  • Detect which variables impact your target of interest using the Key Influencers Service
  • Detect suspicious data points using the Outliers Service
  • Detect emerging clusters in a population using the Clustering Service

Make predictions and get a glimpse of the future

SAP Predictive service enables you to run simulations and make predictions for better planning, decision-making and customer service:

  • Generate personalized recommendations for customers using the Recommendation Service
  • Enable your application to make predictions by integrating the predictive model generated by the Scoring Equation Service
  • Run a simulation and predict the side-effects of an action using the What-If Service
  • Predict the next value of a time series using the Forecast Service

Extend every application with predictive capabilities

Create, manage and apply predictive models directly from business applications, using the Predictive Analytics Integrator Services.

Get started now

SAP Predictive service is fully integrated inside SAP Cloud Platform cockpit for quick and easy access. Simply enable predictive service, deploy it and you are ready to start tapping into the power of predictive insight.

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