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Transform Business Outcomes with
SAP Cloud Platform Predictive services

Deliver predictable outcomes into the hands of your business users.

SAP Cloud Platform Predictive services enables you to simply and quickly deploy robust predictive capabilities directly into cloud applications. Provide predictability into the hands of front line and back office users to transform business outcomes.

Quickly and easily find answers to your questions


SAP Cloud Platform Predictive services helps business users find answers to their questions with simplicity and speed. Because you interact with predictive services in standard development languages (JAVA, HTML), you reduce development and deployment time – making it even easier to operationalize predictive insight into every relevant business process.

With key algorithms such as:

•The dataset service includes functions to ease selection and management of data sets for exploratory analytics

•The key influencers service reveals the most contributive variables for the target which is useful for exploring your data.

•The outliers service detects abnormal trends in your data and is often used for fraud and anomaly detection.

•The scoring equation service builds an equation that generates estimated values of target variables.

•The forecasting service provides predictions for the future based on past time series.

•The what-if service allows you to simulate changes to your output data when you change the input variables.

•The recommendation services operationalizes predictive insight by offering recommendations to the user


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Empower business users to predict and act

Empower business analysts with robust predictive capabilities to address their specific business needs – from fraud detection to predicting customer churn. Remove dependencies on data scientists for exploring large data sets and turn
advanced insight into immediate action.

Infuse Predictive Insight into every application

Embed predictive capabilities into enterprise applications for predictable business outcomes through a set of REST web services. Deliver predictions to users in the right business processes at the right time.

Get started now

SAP Cloud Platform Predictive services is fully integrated inside SAP Cloud Platform cockpit for quick and easy access. Simply enable predictive service, deploy it and you are ready to start tapping into the power of predictive insight.

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