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Business Services

SAP Business Services fuel the fast development of Business apps and services for the cloud, and power an open marketplace for new business apps which includes SAP, hybris, ISV and other 3rd party apps. Choose from pre-packaged apps for customer service and ecommerce, micro business services or explore a marketplace of services for quickly creating business-ready apps.

Bring Resolution of Service Inquiries to a New Level of Automization

The business service for Service Ticketing allows you to improve service response times with automated processing. This service exploits the knowledge hidden in historic data of resolved service tickets, such as customer problem descriptions, service categories and related service resolutions. Based on that the service is capable of processing newly incoming tickets and providing proposals for service categories and recommended solutions in an automated way.

Simple, Cloud-based Data Cleansing and Enrichment for SAP or Custom Applications

SAP Data Quality Management, microservices embeds data cleansing and enrichment services within any business process or application with a self-service, right-sized consumption model. It can be quickly deployed on many SAP applications with a pre-built integration, eliminating operational complexity and infrastructure costs.

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Invent, package and market – in no time

SAP Business Services for YaaS provides a new set of ecommerce, customer loyalty and customer engagement packages to quickly set up and deliver applications to help deepen customer engagements.

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Determine and compute country-specific indirect taxes

In today’s world, a successful application has to target global compliance. SAP Localization Hub, tax service comes with pre-delivered tax determination and computation content for 120 countries. When a new tax rate comes into effect, it is made available on the service. The tax service supports all relevant transactions for staying compliant.

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