SAP Translation Hub

Fast and easy translation

A successful application has to target a global audience in a multitude of different languages - but developing UIs in multiple languages can be costly and complicated. SAP Translation Hub offers a one-stop shop for multilingual UI text services.

Reuse the Right Texts While You Develop

Your business requires unflawed translations every single time. SAP Translation Hub’s multilingual repository lets you reuse verified translations from SAP’s vast translation experience to achieve accuracy and consistency. Integrate your own language data into the translation workflow scenarios for terms unique to your business.

Learn how to reuse your own language data

Efficiently Manage Translations

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Manage translation processes efficiently by leveraging a single UI that lets experts edit and review texts. Set statuses that enable all parties in the translation process to see which texts require their attention. 

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Leverage Machine Translation Technology

Accurately translate texts using state-of-the-art machine translation technology. Machine translation ensures proper translation for texts that aren’t available in existing repositories – a quality rating based on machine learning capabilities also gives you vital insights into the effort needed in post-editing. 

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Effortlessly Integrate With Other SAP Products 

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SAP Translation Hub allows close integration with other SAP products so you can easily translate SAP Web IDE projects or SAP ByDesign texts. A range of public APIs let you consume SAP Translation Hub content directly from your own applications, and workflow scenarios let you translate content from a variety of sources – such as ABAP systems, individual files or SAP Web IDE.