SAP Cloud Platform

Experience Maker

SAP Cloud Platform Experience Maker is a set of integrated services to deliver delightful user experiences across various digital touchpoints. Streamline design and development and drive better engagement for all users by creating consistent,
personalized omni-channel experiences.

Key Benefits of SAP Cloud Platform Experience Maker

Consistent, personalized omnichannel experiences 

Faster development with flexible cloud based tooling 

Improved user interaction that is engagement driven

Agility to react to evolving UX developments

Design Beautiful User Experiences Accurately

Build and scale user interfaces that are simple, personalized, and responsive. SAP Cloud Platform Experience Maker includes Build, a design and prototyping tool that helps you accurately design applications and avoid costly future changes. It also offers you preconfigured application and design templates to jumpstart development.

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Develop Omni-Channel Apps Faster

Simplify omni-channel development while accelerating time-to-value of your investments. Develop, test and deploy web, hybrid and native mobile apps with the breadth of development tools on SAP Cloud Platform for a range of developer skills and development needs – including SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services and SAP Cloud Platform Rapid Application Development by Mendix.

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Simplify Engagement Across Technologies

Facilitate the interaction between users and technology to increase business agility and develop thriving relationships between employees, customers and partners. Harmonize access to any back-end technology to address the needs of varied users within your organization. SAP Cloud Platform Experience Maker includes SAP Fiori Cloud, SAP Cloud Platform Portal and SAP CoPilot to increase access to data and foster engagement in business processes securely. 

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Effortless Collaboration for Users 

SAP Cloud Platform collaboration and community capabilities, offered as part of SAP Cloud Platform Experience Maker, allows you to securely access and share documents with anyone on any device. You can streamline application development by bringing experts in to prioritize requirements and track progress. Bring multiple stakeholders to one place where they can visualize data from multiple sources and share information and feedback in real-time. Transform your processes by embedding collaboration capabilities within business applications.

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Drive Faster Processes with Integration

SAP Cloud Platform Integration, an open, flexible, on-demand integration system is an integral part of SAP Cloud Platform Experience Maker. Deliver accurate and reliable information to your users by easily exchanging data in real-time by integrating processes and data between cloud apps, 3rd party applications and on-premises solutions. You can now innovate at experience layer without disrupting the core processes.

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Content Management for Various User Needs

Content management capabilities enable you to manage all your diverse business content with great flexibility and control. Centralize your information for easy access, and comply with legal regulations like destruction of documents after a specified time. Structure and retrieve content in the way that is best suited to your varying application needs by relying on content management features including versioning, access control lists, hierarchies and metadata. SAP also partners with leading vendors to provide added flexibility in your document management strategy. Egnyte Connect, with its rich set of plugins and extensions, allows employees to easily manage and share files with anyone, regardless of their location, or device and apps used securely., a headless content management system, unifies and accelerates cross channel website creation.

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