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Improve business agility and prevent data and application silos by seamlessly and securely integrating your cloud applications into your business landscape. With the integration services of SAP Cloud Platform, you can securely collaborate with customers and partners at scale to improve efficiencies as well as gain real-time insights from sensors, devices, and social sentiment.

CIO Guide: SAP Vision for Integrating SAP Applications in Cloud and Hybrid Environments: Learn about SAP’s long-term integration strategy, with specific emphasis on our plans for integration scenarios in cloud and hybrid environments  that are related to process and data-centric integration. Read now

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Build sample apps, extensions, and integrations easily. Discover and consume digital content packages with APIs, pre-packaged integrations, and sample apps from SAP and select partners.

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Transform Digital Business Quickly and Efficiently

SAP Cloud Platform API Management is an open-extension platform that simplifies integration with SAP and non-SAP solutions. Enabling businesses to easily share digital assets as application programming interfaces (APIs) beyond traditional applications and websites with business partners to create business networks and cross-company collaboration. To discover, explore, and test available APIs, please visit the SAP API Business Hub.

SAP Cloud Platform API Management provides the unique ability to connect devices to business transactions, as well as allows companies to build business networks, offering enterprises the ability to scale and innovate while opening up new channels, partner ecosystems, and revenue opportunities.

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Easily Exchange Data in Real-Time

SAP Cloud Platform Integration seamlessly connects cloud applications with other cloud and on-premises apps, both from SAP and third-party providers. Built for the cloud, it allows you to orchestrate processes and integrate data with ease.

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Orchestrate and Extend Workflows Across People and Organizations

SAP Cloud Platform Workflow allows partners and customers to build, run and manage workflows, from simple approvals to end-to-end processes that span across different organizations and applications. 

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Synchronize Structured Data Between the Edge and the Cloud

SAP Cloud Platform Remote Data Sync allows bi-directional synchronization of complex structured data between many remote databases at the edge and SAP cloud databases at the center.

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Simplify the Way You Discover and Shape Data

SAP Agile Data Preparation is a self-service data preparation application providing data discovery, integration, and transformation capabilities. Quickly transform your data into actionable, easily consumable information.

Built for all types of users – the software can help you drive more successful analytics, data migration, and master data management (MDM) initiatives. Simplify how you access and discover the shape of data and become far more productive and agile than you ever dreamed.

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Access SAP Business Suite Data Securely

SAP Cloud Platform OData Provisioning allows you to securely bring data from SAP Business Suite systems into SAP Cloud Platform to build new apps or extending existing ones with new features and functionality.

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Simply and Securely Connect Cloud and On-Premises Systems

SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Connector is a simple on-premises integration agent that allows highly secure and reliable connectivity between your cloud applications and on-premises systems. It supports multiple protocols, fine grained audit logging and access control mechanisms, forwarding of the cloud user identity, and other services.

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Quickly and Easily Integrate Your SAP HANA Data in the Cloud

With SAP Cloud Platform Smart Data Integration, you can replicate, virtualize and transform data from multiple sources and store it in your SAP HANA instance on SAP Cloud Platform.

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Connect All Your Applications, Services, and Devices Seamlessly

SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging is a cloud-based messaging framework that enables you to connect applications, services, and devices across various technologies, platforms, and clouds. Scaling to millions of messages per second in real-time, you can send and receive messages reliably using open standards and protocols (such as MQTT).

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Reliable and Robust Messaging Between Applications

RabbitMQ on SAP Cloud Platform provides an open-source message broker on the platform. The service can be used as a middleware, to implement queues for application-to-application messaging. It enables straightforward connectivity between applications written in different programming languages.

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