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Scale and Secure Digital Access 
with SAP Cloud Platform API Management

SAP Cloud Platform API Management is an open-extension platform that simplifies integration with SAP and non-SAP solutions. Enabling businesses to easily share digital assets as application programming interfaces (APIs) beyond traditional applications and websites with business partners to create business networks and cross-company collaboration. SAP Cloud Platform API Management provides the unique ability to connect devices to business transactions, as well as allows companies to build business networks, offering enterprises the ability to scale and innovate while opening up new channels, partner ecosystems, and revenue opportunities.

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Engage More Partners and Developers

SAP Cloud Platform API Management fosters collaboration and co-innovation between your business, partners, and developers. It allows third parties to extend solution capabilities in innovative ways through the development of new applications. And, provides an intuitive developer portal for quick on-boarding of developers, testing APIs, and creating and managing applications in order to reduce internal development costs and quicken the innovation process.

Share Digital Assets and Grow Your Business

Build, test and deploy APIs in order to share and extend data and processes with customers, partners and employees. SAP Cloud Platform API Management empowers your enterprise to selectively externalize your assets, not just through the traditional browser-centric model, but also over mobile devices and other channels, allowing your services to be consumed on any platform.

Enable Enterprise-Grade Security, Traffic Management and Performance Monitoring

Enable APIs with modern authentication, authorization, and security policies in order to effectively secure access to data and services. Real-time analytics from SAP Cloud Platform help you monitor APIs across various data platforms, SAP and non-SAP, alike. Analyze usage metrics, errors, latency, and performance in a simple, intuitive web experience to gain better insights on where to invest your resources in the future.

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Scale As Needed

SAP Cloud Platform API Management allows you to scale up to billions of API calls, enabling you to unlock new opportunities, new business potential and additional value. Pay as you go to meet demand as needed at a low investment cost—amortized over a subscription model.

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