SAP Cloud Platform

Internet of Things

SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things (IoT) services allow you to go from sensor to business outcome. Foster the convergence of operational and information technology to make machines smarter and drive end-to-end digital transformation. SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things provides the ability to on-board, configure and manage any kinds of remote devices. Furthermore, SAP Cloud Platform IoT provides decision-making capabilities and tools at the edge, leading to significant optimization of your processes at the core of your business.

Out-of-the-Box IoT Connectivity and Large-Scale Device Management

With the help of SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things, you can securely connect with a magnitude of devices over a broad variety of protocols to derive business relevant data. The IoT service provides you full flexibility about where and how to process IoT data―either at the edge of your network or on SAP Cloud Platform. Leverage additional SAP Cloud Platform services to feed this data into IoT applications, enabling real-time IoT analytics or interacting with core business processes.

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Process Data Streams in Real Time

SAP Cloud Platform Streaming Analytics is an SAP HANA service that provides the ability to build applications that process streams of incoming event data in real time, and to collect and act on incoming information.

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Synchronize Structured Data Between the Edge and the Cloud

SAP Cloud Platform Remote Data Sync allows bi-directional synchronization of complex structured data between many remote databases at the edge and SAP HANA cloud databases at the center.

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Build Powerful IoT Applications Quickly, Securely and Scalably

SAP Application Enablement is a complete set of mircoservices designed to build powerful apps, leveraging data storage and analytical capabilities to deliver real-time insights.

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