SAP Cloud Platform

Intelligently Interact with Things to Innovate Your Business

With the help of SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things, you can securely connect with a magnitude of devices over a broad variety of protocols to derive business relevant data. The IoT service provides you with full flexibility in where and how to process IoT data―either at the edge of your network or on SAP Cloud Platform. Leverage additional SAP Cloud Platform services to feed this data into IoT applications, enabling real-time IoT analytics, or interacting with core business processes.

Rich IoT Protocol Support

Securely connect with physical things, devices and machines over a broad variety of IoT protocols. Enjoy unlimited connectivity support when leveraging the IoT adapter development kit.

Sophisticated IoT Data Processing Options

Flexibility to process device data either at the edge or in the Cloud by leveraging the SAP Cloud Platform IoT Gateway capabilities.

Enterprise-Grade Lifecycle Management for IoT Devices

Benefit from lifecycle management at scale for IoT devices, from onboarding to decommissioning.