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SAP Leonardo Machine Learning

SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation, built on SAP Cloud Platform, provides enterprise-grade machine learning capabilities to augment existing and new business processes with intelligent algorithms. Instantly consumable services and customized intelligent algorithms allow you to enrich your business processes to an extent that has never been possible before. Everything you need to create, run and maintain intelligent applications based on a common platform is already provided for you – no prior infrastructure or skills are required. Visit the API Business Hub to try various SAP Leonardo Machine Learning - Functional Services for free.

Enhance Your Applications with Intelligent Services based on Machine Learning

SAP’s machine learning services enable software applications to understand the content and meaning of images, written text, time series and tabular data. Find out what objects are displayed in pictures or extract topics and key words of natural language texts. Furthermore, you can easily analyze time series data by detecting changes or doing forecasting. 

Custom Machine Learning Models

In addition to our ready-to-use, pre-trained ML services you can also deploy customized ML models. Choose which option fits you best:

Bring your own model: If you have your own TensorFlow model you can easily import and deploy it on the SAP Leonardo ML Foundation. Once you´ve done this, you can publish your model as a web service and serve it for queries.  SAP’s scalable, reliable and secure platform allows you to run your ML models in enterprise scenarios as well as serve critical business processes

Re-trainable Services: Pretrained ML services are a quick way to get started, but sometimes you need an extra level of flexibility and adaptation. If this is the case, the customizable ML services for image classification are just right. You can upload your own training data via simple-to-use APIs and tailor the underlying ML model to identify your classes of objects such as products, spare parts, or components.

Image Processing Services

Image processing services allow you to exploit the data honeypot of visual contents. By making images searchable a computer can automatically detect what is shown in pictures or find similar images. 

Use image classification and feature extraction to automate service inspection or customer claim processes. Service technicians can quickly identify spare parts for broken products or components simply by taking a photo.  Cumbersome searches through product catalogs are simplified for retailers – customers can now simply provide an image of what they want which the visual object recognition service will automatically match to the most similar items in the inventory.

Natural Language Processing Services

These types of services allow a computer to analyze natural language content that is stored in e.g. documents, web sites or emails and reveal its meaning. 

You can classify text contents, extract keywords and detect the topics of your documents. This allows a much easier organization, search and retrieval. Gain insights and extract relevant topics from social media data or news feeds to detect what your customers are saying about your products.

Tabular and Time-Series Processing Services

These services allow you to analyze time-series data and discover potential trends or changes. Sales and logistic departments can quickly react to changes in sales demand or inventory stocks. This intelligent anticipation increases fulfilment of customer demands.

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