SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Leonardo Machine Learning

SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation, built on SAP Cloud Platform, provides advanced machine learning capabilities that help applications recognize patterns and correlations in data. It offers instantly consumable services that let you learn from data and extract knowledge that was previously inaccessible for computers. Easily add intelligence to your enterprise applications without having to worry about massive computing power or data science skills. Being part of SAP Cloud Platform this provides everything you need to create, run and maintain intelligent applications in a common infrastructure.

Enhance Your Applications with Intelligent Services based on Machine Learning

Machine learning services let you understand the content and meaning of a variety of data types such as images, written text, time series and tabular data. Analyze what objects are displayed in pictures or extract topics and key words of natural language texts. Furthermore you can analyze time series data and detect changes. 

Image Processing Services

The image processing services help you to exploit visual contents by making images searchable. Detect what is shown in pictures or find similar images. 

Use image classification and feature extraction to improve visual quality assurance or service inspection processes. Broken products or components can be identified easily just by taking a photo. Furthermore as a service technician the identification of inspected objects can be accelerated by making use of visual object recognition. As a retailer ease search within your product catalog by simply letting customers provide an image of what they are looking for. This is then matched to the most similar items in your inventory.

Natural Language Processing Services

These type of services allow you to analyze natural language contents e.g. contained in documents, web sites or emails and reveal its meaning. 

You can classify text contents, extract keywords and detect the topics of documents. This allows for a much easier organization, search and retrieval. Gain insights from social media data or news feeds to detect what your customers are saying about your products and extract relevant topics.

Tabular and Time-Series Processing Services

These services let you analyze time-series data and discover potential trends or changes in them. 

Sales and logistic departments can quickly react to changes in sales demand or inventory stocks by making use of time series analysis.

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