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Hyperledger Fabric on SAP Cloud Platform

Create Hyperledger Fabric nodes and connect them to a blockchain network.

Ease of use

Create nodes, networks, and channels on an intuitive cloud based user interface with limited Blockchain experience.

Transparency and visibility

Make use of service and network dashboards to view and analyze existing chaincode, related transactions, and logs.

Access control

Grant network and channel permissions to parties using secure service keys, allowing you to control access to the blockchain.

Efficient processes

Improve process execution in multi-party scenarios – and allow for faster transactions that aren’t limited by office hours.


Benefit from distributed and encrypted networks, making transactions and ledgers difficult to hack, alter, or spoof.

Connect Your Own Network

Connect SAP business processes to a blockchain network that is provisioned and operated externally.

More Information

The Hyperledger Fabric service lets you provision a Hyperledger Fabric node and join it to a network of nodes. Hyperledger Fabric supports enterprise-ready blockchain with smart contracts.

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