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SAP Cloud Platform Alert Notification

Configure SAP Cloud Platform to send notifications for services or customer apps.

Subscribe to events

Create subscriptions to important events, such as from used SAP Cloud Platform services and existing monitoring services.

Create custom alerts

By using the Alert Notification producer API, produce custom alerts and notifications about your own SAP Cloud Platform applications.

Create conditions for your alerts

Create the specific conditions under which Alert Notification registers a relevant event.

Consume alerts in SAP management tools

Use out-of-the-box integration into SAP management tools, such as SAP Solution Manager and Focused Run for SAP Solution Manager.

Consume alerts in 3rd-party tools

By using Alert Notification consumer API, pull alerts and notifications by Alert Notification into an external application of your choice.

More Information

SAP Cloud Platform Alert Notification allows users of SAP Cloud Platform to get notified about critical events of SAP Cloud Platform. For this, it offers a central subscription to events (alerts and notifications) originating in own applications running on SAP Cloud Platform and in SAP Cloud Platform services. In addition, it allows to consume such events in an alert management system or dashboard of choice, such as by using open APIs and an out-of-the-box integration with monitoring infrastructures from SAP, such as SAP Solution Manager and Focused Run for SAP Solution Manager - besides out-of-the-box support for standard channels, like e-mail. With this, the service offers a common and standardized interface across all environments of SAP Cloud Platform for alerting.

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