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SAP Cloud Platform Application Logging

Create, store, access, and analyze application logs.

Web-based UI with predefined dashboards

View, search, and analyze logs in the Cloud Foundry environment and quickly identify relevant spots via interactive exploration.

Structured and rich log messages

Benefit from automatically structured log messages with meta-data, metrics, and custom values which offer a rich basis for deep analysis.

Log libraries for Java and Node.js apps

Use dedicated open source logging libraries for simple log production for Java and Node.js applications in the Cloud Foundry environment.

Retention period

Do a post-mortem analysis during this period if needed. In the Cloud Foundry environment, the logs are kept for 7 days.

More Information

SAP Cloud Platform offers an application logging service for Cloud Foundry application development. Logs of bound applications are streamed (via loggregator) to a central application logging stack where they are stored and from where they can be further visualized and analysed - powered by the Open Source framework Elastic Stack. Enhance this service using one of SAP’s open source libraries.

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