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SAP Cloud Platform Integration Advisor

Boost productivity and eliminate costly data errors with a self-learning library of integration proposals.

Library of type systems

Provides documentation and semantics for popular industry and de-facto standards such as X12, Edifact, IDoc, cXML, and more.

Message implementation guideline editor

Intelligently allows you to restrict, extend, compare and specify your customized interfaces for mapping, implementation and documentation.

Mapping guideline editor

Faster creation and maintenance of mappings between two message implementation guidelines with the assistance of intelligent proposals.

Runtime artifacts

Generates deployable runtime specifications such as pre- and post-processing of data, data conversion, validation, and transformations.


Automatically generates documentation of your implementation guidelines and mappings.

More Information

SAP Cloud Platform Integration Advisor simplifies the process of digital collaboration with business partners aided by the power of artificial intelligence. Boost productivity and eliminate costly data errors with a single tool that simplifies all of the required steps from the technical specification of documents to the automated deployment of runtime integration flows. Supported by machine learning, proposals of interface customizations and mappings are automatically generated which closely fit final business needs. At the heart of the service is a self-improving-central knowledge graph where all contributed customizations and mappings are anonymously stored along with a library of industry and de-facto standards. We estimate that the Integration Advisor can boost productivity by 60% or more and it allows you to reduce the amount of domain expertise needed to complete integration projects.

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