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SAP Cloud Platform Job Scheduler

Define and manage jobs and Cloud Foundry tasks with one-time or recurring schedules.

Easily schedule jobs

Define and manage one-time or reoccurring jobs. Schedule any REST endpoint actions or long-running Cloud Foundry tasks.

Simple REST APIs

Rest APIs enable you to define your own actions when the action endpoint is called.

Set up asynchronous jobs

Options to operate in the asynchronous mode for applications with long-running jobs, freeing up the application to perform other tasks.

Flexible scheduling formats

Take advantage of multiple schedule formats that provide flexibility to schedule jobs based on your needs.

Real-time dashboard

Control, monitor, and manage jobs and schedules. Create schedules or update ones.

Multi-tenant service

Allows the service to be used by multi-tenant aware applications - applications that share a single instance across multiple users.

More Information

SAP Cloud Platform Job Scheduler allows you to define and manage jobs whether run once or on a recurring schedule. Use this runtime-agnostic service to schedule REST endpoint actions in your application or to schedule long-running processes using Cloud Foundry tasks. Utilize REST APIs to schedule your jobs, including long-running jobs asynchronously, and create multiple schedule formats for both simple and complex recurring schedules. Benefit from the easy to use web-based service dashboard interface.

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