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SAP Conversational AI

Leverage world-class language technology, end-to-end bot building platform and preconfigured bots to improve customer experience.

Augmented natural language processing

Leverage world-class language technology, an end-to-end bot building platform, and preconfigured bots to improve the customer experience.

End-to-end bot building platform

Draw on a comprehensive suite of chatbot tools to help the development process, from bot building to training.

Support for multiple languages

Interact with customers with the same level of accuracy in multiple languages to deliver a unique and tailored customer experience.

More Information

SAP Conversational AI is a collaborative software that enables people to create powerful chatbots instantly – powered by artificial intelligence. Our natural language processing API gathers entity recognition, text classification, sentiment analysis, and content management to efficiently respond to user intents. SAP Conversational AI helps automate customer service and improve the productivity of human agents along with reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction. Connect chatbots to websites or popular messaging channels for a seamless experience and always reach your target audience – while leveraging the entire SAP portfolio through easy integrations with existing products to keep data in the same ecosystem.

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