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SAP Customer Order Sourcing

Create sourcing strategies and use them to calculate from where and when products can be delivered to customers.

Create sourcing strategies

Create sourcing strategies in the Strategy Builder app, and assign them to your Web shop, for example, as basis for sourcing runs.

Manage sources and source lists

Upload sources used for modeling sourcing strategies and group sources in source lists to facilitate modeling sourcing strategies.

Manage temporary reservations

Manage temporary product reservations to prevent the same product from being promised to different customers.

Calculate product availability

Upload availability raw data that are used to calculate across all source types what products are available to you for selling to customers.

Calculate sourcing results

Based on the assigned sourcing strategy assigned to your Web shop, for example, calculate a sourcing result for one or multiple products.

More Information

With SAP Customer Order Sourcing, you can use the Strategy Builder app to create your own sourcing strategies that meet your business needs. These sourcing strategies can be assigned to your Web shop, for example, to provide your customers with information about which products are available to sell, in what quantity, and when they can be delivered. This information is calculated based on availability raw data, source data, and temporary product reservations.

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