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SAP HANA spatial services

Services to build custom spatially-aware business applications with optimized industry solutions, across all business processes

Start quickly with content

Best-of-breed industry models for risk prediction, anomaly detection, and classification

Build location-aware business apps

Extend spatial services into custom applications through a single abstracted layer

Act with live spatial intelligence

Gain situational awareness by enriching business data with global surface information of the planet and analyzing it in context

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SAP HANA spatial services is the only set of services for business-ready spatial data. SAP HANA spatial services transparently combines business and spatial data. It establishes locational data and services across all business processes--and you can start quickly by using our optimized industry solutions based on unified spatial and connected data. Spatial services aids in building spatially-aware business applications with ready-to-use business content, optimized spatial processing, and integration with graph and machine learning. With SAP HANA spatial services, you can choose to deploy your applications anywhere, gain real-time insight on live data, and accelerate app development while preserving data security and compliance.

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