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SAP Leonardo Internet of Things

Develop new customer-facing digital services and deeply embed IoT data into business processes.

Digital twin representation

Enrich IoT data with business context of the thing and operator based on a unified semantic model.

Rules and events management

Apply rules in streaming and batch to contextually enriched IoT data and raise events to turn business insights into business outcomes.

Action driven business integration

Trigger enterprise actions by creating business objects like purchase requisitions or service tickets in line of business applications.

IoT enriched analytics

Define your analytical model and aggregations and access IoT data to gain business insights with analytical tool like SAP Analytics Cloud.

IoT data access control

Grant data access with a granular authorization concept based on user role, thing hierarchy, and properties of a particular instance.

IoT developer experience

Deliver powerful IoT-ready applications. Apply templates available through the SAP Cloud Platform Web IDE service.

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SAP Leonardo IoT enables you to connect to any IoT device, model the physical world, enrich IoT data with business context, apply rules and deeply integrate IoT data into business processes. Use SAP WebIDE and IoT application templates to jump-start your next IoT project.

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