SAP Cloud Platform

Runtimes and Containers

SAP Cloud Platform supports different programming languages/models (Java, XSC/XSA, HTML5, Node.js) and offers standards-based development. The cockpit is the consolidated destination for all operational needs.

Develop in a Standards-Based Environment

SAP Cloud Platform allows you to choose from a variety of programming languages and models so that you can leverage your existing skillset and know-how to develop enterprise-grade cloud applications.

Know Java and want
to be productive fast?

The Java Runtime enables developers to leverage existing knowledge and be productive in no time.

✔ Build cloud native apps using Spring™ and other open-source frameworks

✔ Leverage SAP Cloud Platform services and APIs using standard Java APIs (Servlet API, JPA, etc.)

✔ Supports widely-spread Apache Tomcat Web container

Want to experience SAP HANA firsthand?

Unleash the full potential of SAP HANA

✔ Native SAP HANA development

✔ Build data-centric apps in no time

✔ Use SAP HANA functional libraries like SAP HANA Business Function Library (BFL) and the SAP HANA Predictive Analytics Library (PAL)

and JavaScript by heart?

Use your skills to develop lightweight mashups using the HTML programming model.

✔ Develop and run lightweight HTML5 applications in a cloud environment

✔ Leverage the SAPUI5 JavaScript library to build beautiful enterprise-grade cloud apps

✔ Connect to OData and REST services

Leverage existing knowledge and libraries?

Get started with an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model and Node.js’ package ecosystem of libraries.

✔Develop and run Node.js applications in the cloud

✔Benefit from multiple Node.js packages available

Use your favorite programming language

You can choose from additional programming languages and frameworks via buildpack mechanisms.

✔Choose from multiple community buildpacks

✔Build on your existing expertise

Leverage SAPUI5
client UI technology

Get started with SAPUI5 based on JavaScript, CSS and HTML5.

✔ Enterprise-ready web toolkit

✔ Consistent user experience with pre-defined UX patterns and over 400 UI controls

✔ Adaptive UI for all devices (mobile, tablet or desktop)

Develop and run custom ABAP extension code with
SAP Cloud Platform

With the availability of ABAP as additional development model in SAP Cloud Platform, customers and partners will have the opportunity to develop and run custom ABAP extension code on a separate Platform-as-a-Service. Leveraging existing ABAP know-how with a state-of-the-art development toolset in conjunction with existing SAP Cloud Platform assets and services, the ABAP community can profit from increased development productivity and a faster time-to-market of custom ABAP extensions.

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Enjoy Full Control over Virtualized Hardware Resources

Need more flexibility? SAP Cloud Platform Virtual Machine gives you full control over virtualized hardware resources enabling you to install everything you need next to complement your cloud applications.

✔ Install arbitrary software components side by side with the runtimes and platform services

✔ Full control over virtualized hardware resources (compute power, memory, storage)

✔ Full operating system (Linux) access (connection via SSH)

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Build OData/REST Services for Innovative Apps

SAP Cloud Platform SDK for service development enables you to create innovative cloud apps without any disruption to your core business and to extend your business processes beyond the traditional boundaries of SAP or legacy systems.

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Get comfortable in your own cockpit and start building the cloud application of your dreams. Choose your preferred development technology and peruse a wealth of resources and documentation. From there, it's time to take off.