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The guiding principle of SAP Cloud Platform is to provide easy adoption by leveraging and using open standards and established open source components. This principle is the driving force behind SAP’s commitment to Cloud Foundry in the evolution of SAP Cloud Platform.

What is Cloud Foundry?

Cloud Foundry is an open source project with a broad community governed by the Cloud Foundry Foundation, where SAP is a platinum member and active contributor.

Together, SAP Cloud Platform and Cloud Foundry technology combine to deliver a robust and flexible  enterprise cloud innovation platform from which you can build, deploy and manage business applications.

Cloud Foundry simplifies the deployment of applications built with or on top of SAP Cloud Platform by providing flexibility of deployment models and access to new markets for the entire ecosystem.

Drive Digital Transformation with IoT Services

• Quickly and easily adopt new emerging technologies like Internet of Things

• Discover new business opportunities, and create new revenue streams

• Innovate on a powerful enterprise-grade development and deployment platform

Reduce Vendor Lock-in with a Powerful Common Foundation

• Extend your current cloud apps to add new features and personalization unique to your business

• Easily modernize your current on-premises applications into beautiful, mobile-ready assets your team can use right now

• Deploy pre-built app extensions created by SAP and our partners to quickly and easily achieve business esults

Empower Your Developers and Build Better Business Apps

• Reduce development costs and time to market with expanded buildpacks

• Build on open standards with SAP Enterprise Support for Java, Node.js and Staticfile (HTML5) buildpacks

• Bring your own language (BYOL) with support for community buildpacks (e.g. PHP, Python, Ruby, Go)

SAP and the Cloud Foundry Foundation — Growing the Open Source Community Together

SAP is a Founding Platinum Level Member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation, an independent not for profit Linux Foundation Collaborative Project, whose purpose is to drive global awareness and adoption of the Cloud Foundry open source project and foster a vibrant community of contributors

To this end, SAP has established a new Cloud Foundry Dojo in Walldorf, Germany, dedicated to educating and growing the community, and leads key open source initiatives, such as the Cloud Foundry BOSH OpenStack CPI project.

Learn more about SAP's Contributions to the Cloud Foundry Open Source Community

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