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Hyperledger Fabric on SAP Cloud Platform

Create Hyperledger Fabric nodes and connect them to a blockchain network.

Create Service Instances

Rapidly deploy service instances, complete with parameters and application binding, on a dedicated SAP Cloud Platform cockpit.

Build Secure Networks

Build and manage secure Hyperledger Fabric networks using join request and join approval .JSON files.

Configure Channels

Configure and manage permissioned Hyperledger Fabric channels with service keys, supported by "channelID" and "channelSecret" parameters.

Deploy and Explore Chaincode

Use your channel dashboard to deploy, test, and upgrade your chaincode. Once deployed use the Blockchain explorer to view and analyze your blocks, hashes, and transaction IDs.

Bring Your Own Network

Connect SAP business processes to a blockchain network that is provisioned and operated externally.

IaaS Provider
Europe (Frankfurt) AWS (Cloud Foundry)
IaaS Provider
US East (VA) AWS (Cloud Foundry)

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