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UI technology providing everything you need to build enterprise-ready web apps.

Enterprise-ready HTML5 framework

SAPUI5 comes with all features needed to build cross-platform, responsive, enterprise-grade applications.

Powerful development concepts

SAPUI5 offers a solid foundation with built in support for MVC, messaging, data binding, routing and much more.

Feature-rich UI controls

A rich set of UI controls is included in SAPUI5, ranging from basic elements to complex UI patterns.

Consistent user experience

SAPUI5 applications benefit from a consistent design language and predefined UX patterns across all features.

Flexible UI adaptation

Integrated adaptation capabilities make simple, code-free UI adaptations possible.

Open-source codebase

Major parts of the framework are open-sourced as OpenUI5 and benefit from community contributions.

More Information

OpenUI5 provides SAP's new enterprise-ready HTML5 framework for client-side UI implementation and programming. It combines the advantages of being open and flexible as well as being enterprise-ready and supporting all SAP product standards. SAPUI5 provides extensible controls and powerful theming but it is easy to consume, based on open standards and integrates with 3rd-party JavaScript libraries. Applications built with OpenUI5 run on a wide range of devices (smartphone, tablet, desktop) and on multiple SAP platforms.

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