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SAP Cloud Platform OData Provisioning

Access data in SAP Business Suite using OData services.

Build apps with SAP Business Suite data

Expose business data and logic from SAP on-premise systems using standards-based services, so you can build apps on top of them easily.

Manage OData services with ease

Browse SAP Gateway services and publish them as OData end-points, eliminating the need for an on-premise SAP Gateway server.

Troubleshoot services and analyze errors

Simplify troubleshooting and error analysis of SAP Cloud Platform OData Provisioning, seeing errors without logging into the back-end.

More Information

The SAP Cloud Platform OData Provisioning service provides access to data residing in SAP Business Suite for people-centric scenarios via the OData protocol.

IaaS Provider
Australia (Sydney) SAP (Neo)
IaaS Provider
Brazil (São Paulo) SAP (Neo)
IaaS Provider
Canada (Toronto) SAP (Neo)
IaaS Provider
Europe (Frankfurt) SAP (Neo)
Europe (Rot) SAP (Neo)
IaaS Provider
Japan (Tokyo) SAP (Neo)
IaaS Provider
Russia (Moscow) SAP (Neo)
IaaS Provider
US East (Ashburn) SAP (Neo)
US East (Sterling) SAP (Neo)
IaaS Provider
US West (Chandler) SAP (Neo)

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