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SAP Cloud Platform Rapid Application Development by Mendix

Get a fast way to create business applications with a visual development toolset

Model-driven development

Use low-code RAD to develop applications up to 10 times faster than traditional methods, and with fewer IT resources.

Leverage reusable components

Leverage drag and drop models to simply and easily reuse application components and further accelerate development.

Build once for all devices

Design enhanced user interfaces and customer experiences that include native mobile features and full offline functionality.

Collaboration between business and IT

Bring all stakeholders together on common ground with model-sharing across the enterprise.

Focus developers on specialized coding

Get to the cloud faster and master up-to-the-minute technologies without taxing specialized programmers.

Deploy smart apps to SAP Cloud Platform

Create responsive, context-aware applications that integrate with other systems and services over predefined connectors.

Deliver secure applications

Support compliant, secure custom applications with adherence to recognized international security standards.

Protect existing SAP investments

Extend your existing SAP investments while adding cognitive computing and predictive analytics without expertise in either.

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Executing digital transformation initiatives puts pressure on application developers to flesh out new business models and capitalize on the latest technologies. Rapid application development tools help by minimizing coding and boosting collaboration between IT and business users. Applications must integrate seamlessly with existing systems while offering a friendly multichannel user interface. The SAP Cloud Platform Rapid Application Development service by Mendix helps you build such state-of-the-art applications at unprecedented speed, in close collaboration with users in your lines of business. It offers model-based development and one-click deployment to SAP Cloud Platform. Without adding IT resources or putting core business functions at risk, you can quickly design, create, test, go live, and continually enhance applications.

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