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SAP Cloud Platform SAP HANA Service (SAP DC), Standard Edition

Set up and manage SAP HANA databases and bind them to cloud applications.

Manage databases

Program with SAP HANA databases and bind them to cloud applications. Use self-services to create, update, and manage your databases.

Work with SAP HANA tenant databases

Create, manage, and monitor multiple tenant databases in one SAP HANA system.

More Information

Provides customers with basic SAP HANA capabilities, such as partitioning, compression, security, calculation and aggregation engine, and the XS Engine.

IaaS Provider
Australia (Sydney) SAP (Neo)
IaaS Provider
Brazil (São Paulo) SAP (Neo)
Brazil (São Paulo) AWS (Cloud Foundry)
IaaS Provider
Canada (Toronto) SAP (Neo)
IaaS Provider
Europe (Frankfurt) AWS (Cloud Foundry)
Europe (Amsterdam) SAP (Neo)
Europe (Rot) SAP (Neo)
IaaS Provider
Japan (Tokyo) SAP (Neo)
IaaS Provider
KSA (Riyadh) SAP (Neo)
IaaS Provider
Russia (Moscow) SAP (Neo)
IaaS Provider
UAE (Dubai) SAP (Neo)
IaaS Provider
US Central (Iowa) Google Cloud Platform (Cloud Foundry)
IaaS Provider
US East (Ashburn) SAP (Neo)
US East (Sterling) SAP (Neo)
US East (VA) AWS (Cloud Foundry)
IaaS Provider
US West (CA) Beta Microsoft Azure (Cloud Foundry)
US West (Chandler) SAP (Neo)

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