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SAP Cloud Platform Transport Management

Manage transports of development artifacts and application-specific content.

Transport various types of content

Handle the transport of development content (in form of Multi-Target Application archives - MTAs), application-specific content (such as iFlows) and SAP HANA XS classic delivery units with a cloud-based service.

Model also complex transport landscapes

Model logical representations of your source and target SAP Cloud Platform sub-accounts and connecting routes between them – allows also modelling of complex landscapes, such as of star topologies.

Complements CI/CD approaches

Increase control concerning the propagation of changes towards your production environment by considering to integrate transport management with your Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) solution.

More Information

SAP Cloud Platform Transport Management service lets you manage transports between SAP Cloud Platform accounts in Neo and Cloud Foundry environments, such as from DEV to TST and PROD accounts. Transport development artifacts (in form of Multi-Target Application archives) and application-specific content, such as SAP Cloud Platform Integration content. In addition, transport delivery units of SAP HANA XS classic model between different SAP HANA instances assigned to cloud accounts.

IaaS Provider
Europe (Frankfurt) AWS (Cloud Foundry)

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