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SAP Conversational AI

Build powerful AI chatbots using a collaborative end-to-end platform.

Train your bot

Use NLP to create intents and train the language understanding of your bot on any topic.

Build your bot

Use skills to create adaptable bots in multiple languages. Set up triggers, requirements, and bot responses in rich messaging directly in the Bot Builder, and use bot memory to provide human-like conversations.

Connect your bot

Use webhooks to retrieve business information or connect to an external system to perform actions. Connect your bot to almost all popular messaging channels. Integrate a fallback channel so that conversations can be transferred from your bot to a human agent.

Monitor your bot

Understand and monitor how your bot is used through log feed, usage metrics, and training analytics.

Version your bot

Version your bot and easily deploy it to specific environments. For example, create a new version of your bot and test it in a staging environment before moving it to the production environment.

Create organizations

Set up shared accounts – known as organizations – so that groups of people can collaborate on several bots at the same time. You can create private and public organizations.

Assign permissions in organizations

Grant a base permission (like "Read only", "Read and write", etc.) to all members of an organization, and additional permissions to teams consisting of one or more members of the organization.

More Information

SAP Conversational AI is a collaborative end-to-end platform for building powerful AI chatbots. Along with conversational natural language processing (NLP) and dialog management features and a detailed API documentation, SAP Conversational AI makes it easy to train, build, connect, and launch your bots. You can invite other people to collaborate with you on your bots, or create a shared account (an organization account) that lets groups of people collaborate on bots at the same time.

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Europe (Frankfurt) AWS (Cloud Foundry)
Europe (Rot) SAP (Neo)

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