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SAP IoT Application Enablement

Provides REST/OData-based services and tools to easily create IoT applications.

Set up apps to access IoT sensor data

Utilize SAP Cloud Platform Web IDE templates to create rich UI applications that connect to data sources via IoT Application Services.

Utilize the extensible thing model

Create a digital representation of a physical object with the extensible thing model and easily reuse elements for additional models.

Trigger and manage events

Monitor and control changes of thing sensor data using event management automatically or manually.

Protect your data

Protect both thing and sensor data as well as organizational data from unauthorized access by taking advantage of a sophisticated authorization model.

Process mass sensor data

Connect to the underlying SAP HANA database to process mass data generated by thing sensors.

Analyze sensor data

Cluster and analyze time series data with the help of predefined, reusable, and ready-to-use graphical controls for IoT-enabled apps built with SAP Web IDE.

More Information

The SAP Internet of Things (IoT) Application Enablement services represent a network of physical objects known as things that are used to collect and exchange sensor data. It helps to set up a thing model, companies, and service personnel in a company and their relationships. It also provides a collection of REST-based as well as OData-based services to efficiently store and retrieve data for things, companies, and service personnel.

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Europe (Frankfurt) AWS (Cloud Foundry)


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