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SAP Predictive service

Perform predictive analysis on data stored in your SAP HANA database.

Manage datasets

Register and manage datasets to be used by the SAP Predictive service. Datasets are SAP HANA database tables or views.

Detect clusters

Segment a population into clusters by grouping similar data points together. Send segmentation results into the desired SAP HANA table or view.

Detect key influencers

Get the set of key influencers for a specific target of interest ordered by decreasing contribution.

Detect outliers

Identify the odd data points of the dataset whose labels are different from profiles.

Detect the side-effects of an action

Simulate a planned action and get the significant deviations compared to what is expected.

Predict values of a time series

Predict the next values of a time series based on detected patterns from a reference date.

Get recommendations

Get personalized recommendations for individuals based on their purchase history.

Export the scoring equation

Export the scoring equation of a model outside the SAP Predictive service and integrate into an application to make predictions.

Train and apply a model

Create an Automated Analytics model and train it on a dataset. Apply the model on a dataset to get predictions.

More Information

SAP Predictive service enables you to simply and quickly deploy robust predictive capabilities directly into cloud applications. Provide predictability into the hands of front line and back office users to transform business outcomes.

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