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SAP Web Analytics

Analyze usage of your websites and web applications.

Optimize your analytics

Gather an in-depth analysis of your website's user interactions using pre-packaged and customized reporting.

Integrate with SAP analysis tools

Utilize enterprise and web data to provide deeper insights into the impact of your web presence.

Manage multiple web applications

Set up unique work spaces for various business units with one solution. Register multiple websites and track them independently.

Benefit from pre-packaged content

Analyze various aspects of user interaction like overall behavior, clicks, navigation, geography, technology, and social media interactions.

Create custom reporting solutions

Build your own dashboards and reports with both standard and personalized metrics.

Protect data and privacy

Manage and monitor the data you send to SAP Web Analytics using simple UI steps.

More Information

SAP Web Analytics lets you collect, report, and analyze website data. Optimize web usage to measure organizational goals, drive strategy, and improve the overall user experience of your web applications.

IaaS Provider
Australia (Sydney) AWS (Cloud Foundry)
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Brazil (São Paulo) AWS (Cloud Foundry)
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Europe (Frankfurt) AWS (Cloud Foundry)
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Japan (Tokyo) AWS (Cloud Foundry)
IaaS Provider
Singapore AWS (Cloud Foundry)
IaaS Provider
US East (VA) AWS (Cloud Foundry)

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