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UI Theme Designer for SAP Cloud Platform

Apply your corporate branding to applications based on SAPUI5 technology.

Quick, expert and CSS level of theming

Supporting different skill levels: from simple parameters to expert theming and CSS editor.

WYSIWYG editor

Graphical web-based WYSIWYG editor using our controls, applications, and preview function.

Color palette option

Define frequently used colors for easy reuse to ensure consistency in your branding.

More Information

Apply your corporate branding to applications built with SAP UI technologies. You can make changes to theme templates supplied by SAP to create custom themes that use your own color scheme, background images, and company logo. You can apply a custom theme to various SAP UI clients and technologies. Additionally, you can include your own custom CSS files without having to modify any of your applications.

IaaS Provider
Australia (Sydney) SAP (Neo)
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Brazil (São Paulo) SAP (Neo)
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Canada (Toronto) SAP (Neo)
IaaS Provider
Europe (Frankfurt) SAP (Neo)
Europe (Amsterdam) SAP (Neo)
Europe (Rot) SAP (Neo)
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Japan (Tokyo) SAP (Neo)
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KSA (Riyadh) SAP (Neo)
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Russia (Moscow) SAP (Neo)
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UAE (Dubai) SAP (Neo)
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US East (Ashburn) SAP (Neo)
US East (Sterling) SAP (Neo)
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US West (Chandler) SAP (Neo)

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