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Frequently asked questions

How does SAP App Center help me as a Customer?

As a customer you will be able to:

  • Discover third party applications that help solve your digital enterprise needs
  • Try applications before you buy and make better-informed decisions
  • Manage their license purchases and users’ access in one place, across all third-party vendors
  • Manage requests to Try and Buy centrally (two-tier system: requester & procurement/IT)
  • Use PO-based purchasing and SAP Ariba payment invoice settlement
  • Easily communicate with third-party vendors through the marketplace
  • Pay third-party vendors through the marketplace

Is the new SAP App Center reserved for SAP Cloud Platform applications or is it open to other technologies?

Regardless of which platform is used by partners, the SAP App Center will be the single marketplace for third-party solutions built on SAP technologies – any SAP technology, not only the SAP Cloud Platform.

As a Customer do I need to have SAP Cloud Platform licence when buying solutions?

There are different types of solutions and extensions available on the SAP App Center. Some partner solutions have SAP Cloud Platform as a prerequiste while some solutions come bundled with the license. There are also solutions that have no dependency on SAP Cloud Platform license. Therefore it would depend on the partner solution you are buying.

Is SAP acting as a reseller of partner solutions to customers?

SAP is not reselling partner solutions on the SAP App Center. Partners sell directly to customers on the platform, and the partner is the merchant of record for the transaction. SAP offers a Cloud Service to partners and customers on the SAP App Center. SAP collects a fee from the partner sale revenue in exchange for the Cloud Service.


The Cloud Service includes:

  • Connecting partners and customers via the App Center
  • Allowing partners to market and sell their solutions to customers
  • Allowing customers to try and buy partner solutions, and centrally manage user licenses & billing
  • Tracking of the cloud license business in one place across all buyers (for partners) and sellers (for customers)

As a Customer I have browsed through the SAP App Center website. Where can I ask questions?

If you have questions related to a partner application, please use the Contact Us link provided on the partner listing page. For questions related to SAP App Center, please expand the “Contact Us” button on the right and fill out the form.

How does SAP App Center help me as a Partner?

As a partner you will be able to:

  • List your solutions on the SAP App Center using a self-publishing process (after passing the App Readiness Check and publication approval steps)
  • Maintain Price books & Editions, and configure payment settings in SAP Ariba payment solutions
  • Maintain API end points and cloud subscription configurations for provisioned apps
  • Manage trials, leads, and license sales in one place, for all customers
  • Communicate with customers through the marketplace
  • Receive payments from customers through the marketplace
  • Market and deliver your applications to over 300,000 SAP customers

What type of SAP partners are eligible to participate in the SAP App Center, and what are the criteria for participation?

There are 2 levels of participation:

  • List, trial, and transact: To list and transact a solution, a third-party vendor must be part of a qualifying partner type currently from specific short-list of SAP partnership programs (i.e. PE Build, OEM, GSSP, GSTP, Emerging Partner) AND have the relevant Development Agreement for the solution. In addition, their solution is subject to a lightweight validation process called the Application Readiness Check (ARC).
  • Community-contributed (listing only): Third parties who are not part of an SAP partner program (such as developers, students, etc.) can list their solutions on the SAP App Center under "Community" for best practice sharing purposes. These solutions cannot be transacted.

All approval processes are managed by the SAP App Center team. Please expand the “Contact Us” button on the right and fill out the form. They can provide additional information regarding these 2 levels of participation.

Do partners have to agree to transact and provision their applications on the new SAP App Center?

No. Partners can list their app as “referral only”, with a “Learn More” button that takes them to the partner website. However, our goal is to deliver value to customers, allowing them to manage their third-party applications in one place, with enterprise-friendly IT/Procurement workflows to try and buy, and end-to-end user and license management. Our belief is that partners will want to take advantage of trial, transact, and provision, as customers adopt the new platform.


Is there a fee for the partner to list their solution(s) on the SAP App Center?

No, listing is free. However, if the solution transacts, SAP will take a Cloud Service fee from the transaction.


Can the solution be purchased through the App Center if the app is running in the Partner’s multi-tenant environment?

Yes, absolutely. In this case, the partner may be using their own infrastructure and set of technology, or leveraging SAP Cloud Platform embedded via OEM or PE Build ePaaS.


Does the SAP App Center support different currencies and is it available globally?

Yes, the SAP App Center is available globally. And yes, the SAP App Center supports multiple currencies. We will release the marketplace with 2 currencies (USD and EUR) at launch, and will expand over time.


Does the SAP App Center support different languages?

Yes, the SAP App Center supports multiple languages. We will release the system in English only at launch, but will expand over time.


I am a SAP Partner and have questions related to SAP App Center, where can I ask questions?

Please ensure you have gone through the List Your App page. For further questions please expand the “Contact Us” button on the right and fill out the form.