Data Management & Analytics

Leverage comprehensive data management and analytical services to build an intelligent enterprise. Deliver real-time insights from large volumes of data – including unstructured, IoT, and big data – and optimally deliver data to support any application or analysis.

Why Data Management & Analytics? 

Act in the moment with insights from live transactional data using most advanced in-memory data management technology with data management & analytics capabilities on SAP Cloud Platform. Gain a competitive advantage by augmenting human intelligence with machine learning and innovate high-speed, scalable and secured transactional applications with the proven database. Deliver actionable insights across the organization to optimize your business processes or build new business models.

Key Benefits of Data Management & Analytics

Innovate next-generation applications with trans-analytical processing on live data and machine learning to embed real-time intelligence into business processes.

Gain actionable insights from massive volumes of data including unstructured, streaming, IoT, and Big Data.

Build high-speed, scalable and secured transactional applications to enable always-on digital business.

Key Data Management Services


Real-time insights from live data, trans-analytical processing, and agile data marts.

Big Data Service

Data lakes and big data for data science, machine learning, and data exploration.


High-speed transactional applications with superior performance and efficiency.

Document Service

Applications to store and share files with versioning and access control.

Object Store

Store and access unstructured data as "Objects."


Simple application that requires low cost relational database.


Applications that requires flexible schema support or JSON documents.


Applications that requires high speed unstructured (key-value) data processing.

Key Analytics Services

Predictive Service

Gain new insights, predict next steps and outcomes for business users and assist experts.

Streaming Analysis

Deliver insights from streaming data and combine with business data to act in real-time.

Optimized Data Delivery From Everywhere 

SAP Data Hub

Make data available across the business optimized for any application or analysis supporting data sharing, pipelining, and governance of all data in the connected landscape.

  • Experience a simpler, more scalable approach to data landscape management
  • Accelerate and expand your data projects
  • Enable agile, data-driven applications
  • Achieve centralized visibility and governance