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/* What is SAP Cloud Platform? */

SAP Cloud Platform is SAP's open platform as a service for developing modern cloud business apps.

With comprehensive services and capabilities, SAP Cloud Platform is depended upon by the world's best developers to quickly build, extend and integrate business apps in the cloud.

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Why should you choose SAP Cloud Platform?  
Here are a few samples of the powerful solutions you can create with a cloud based, built for in-memory platform. 

Know Java and want to be productive fast? Start with our JVM based runtime and get started now!

Java Get Started Tutorial

Want to experience SAP HANA firsthand?
Start using server-side JavaScript (XSJS) to build data-centric apps in no time!

XS Get Started Tutorial

As a classic web developer, you know HTML5, CSS and JavaScript by heart. Use your skills to develop lightweight mashups using our HTML programming model.

HTML5 Get Started Tutorial

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The developer edition is a free, perpetual license for you to use for evaluation and development purposes. In addition to SAP HANA and the comprehensive set of platform services, you’ll also find our newest BETA features such as
Cloud Foundry based runtimes and backing services.

And please send us your feedback—we'd love to hear from you!

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The SAP Cloud Platform tutorials will show you how to build your first SAP Cloud Platform application and allow you to explore the different features offered! Below are just a few recommended tutorials to get your started.

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Looking for APIs?

Discover, explore, and test APIs with SAP API Business Hub—the central catalog for APIs offered by SAP. Logon using your SAP Cloud Platform account credentials, subscribe to API products, and test APIs using the "Try it out" option.

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Free Training & Education Courses

openSAP is our MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) system with classes on many different SAP products and topics. It has everything you need! Courses include Introduction to SAP Cloud Platform and other more advanced classes on our cloud products. Check out our latest course: Build your own SAP Fiori Application in the Cloud.

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The SAP HANA Academy offers you a collection of free, online video tutorials to help you learn, develop and innovate. Check out many topics illustrating working with various aspects of SAP Cloud Platform, including application development, Internet of Things service, integration service and more. Find a quick answer or try out a step-by-step project – it’s up to you!

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Problems? Stuck?

We can help. The developer Question & Answer forums are the place to start.

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