SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment

Combine existing ABAP expertise with an agile platform-as-a-service to increase productivity. 


With SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment, customers and partners have the opportunity to develop and run custom ABAP code on a separate Platform-as-a-Service, decoupled from the digital core. Leveraging existing ABAP know-how with a state-of-the-art development toolset in conjunction with existing SAP Cloud Platform assets and services, the ABAP community can profit from increased development productivity and a faster time-to-market of custom ABAP applications and extensions.

Key Benefits of the SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment

Reuse existing ABAP know-how and assets and leverage the flexible SAP Cloud Platform service ecosystem, such as SAP Leonardo.

Decouple ABAP cloud apps from the digital core on a separate platform-as-a-service and benefit from agile innovation powered by SAP HANA.

Scale with business needs and delegate infrastructure and system operations while enjoying regular delivery of SAP innovations.