SAP Cloud Platform
Multi-Cloud and Cloud Foundry

Drive digital transformation leveraging SAP Cloud Platform with multi-cloud architecture and Cloud Foundry technology to deliver an open, robust and flexible cloud native enterprise platform to build, deploy and manage innovative business applications. 

Why Multi-Cloud?

A differentiated enterprise PaaS is critical to support business agility, optimize business processes and to help build new digital business models. Together, SAP Cloud Platform and Cloud Foundry offer enterprises the freedom to choose their underlying cloud infrastructure provider, as well as the flexibility to co-locate new cloud applications alongside existing investments while meeting regulatory and compliance requirements. View the SAP Cloud Platform regions and service portfolio to get an overview of the availability of SAP Cloud Platform services according to region, infrastructure provider, and release status.

✔ Choose a cloud provider that best meets your requirements
✔ Effortlessly enter new regions & markets while meeting local compliance and regulations
✔ Reduce vendor lock-in with portable applications

Experience the possibilities of Cloud Foundry
in SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Cloud Platform gives you the ability to centrally manage multi-cloud application deployments in one cockpit. While enterprises may choose a public cloud infrastructure to run SAP Cloud Platform, such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform, SAP takes care of the complexity of managing and operating the underlying infrastructure accounts – prioritizing ease of adoption for customers.

Transform to a digital enterprise

Build new business models leveraging enterprise-grade services for emerging technologies such as IoT, Machine Learning (ML), Blockchain and others to empower new SaaS solutions. Experience digital innovation with SAP Leonardo

✔ Leverage open, scalable, flexible architecture to fit your business needs
✔ Power your enterprise with multi-cloud architecture to shield application development from intricacies of the deployment infrastructure
✔ Accelerate time to market leveraging adaptive architecture and rich edge functionality

Empower your developers and build innovative apps faster

SAP Cloud Platform offers comprehensive application development services and capabilities.

✔ Build on open standards with Java and Node.js buildpacks
✔ Bring your own language (BYOL) with community buildpacks (e.g. PHP, Python, Ruby, Go)
✔ Develop XSA applications on-premise on HANA and readily deploy the same applications on SAP Cloud Platform

SAP and the Cloud Foundry Foundation:
Growing the open source community together

SAP is a Founding Platinum Level Member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation, an independent not for profit Linux Foundation Collaborative Project, whose purpose is to drive global awareness and adoption of the Cloud Foundry open source project and foster a vibrant community of contributors. 

To this end, SAP has established a new Cloud Foundry Dojo in Walldorf, Germany, dedicated to educating and growing the community, and leads key open source initiatives, such as the Cloud Foundry BOSH OpenStack CPI project.