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SAP Cloud Platform Kubernetes Environment

Build powerful container-native applications and deploy them on a cloud or infrastructure of your choice without worrying about the creation and management of the underlying container clusters.

Why Kubernetes?

Containers are rapidly becoming a popular development paradigm for cloud-native applications in the industry – with Kubernetes as the dominant container orchestrations technology. The SAP Cloud Platform Kubernetes environment reduces pain points associated with the creation and management of Kubernetes clusters by offering an easy to use, secure and open standards-based Cluster-as-a-Service running on top of a variety of underlying infrastructure choices, deployment options of cloud vs. on-premise, etc. SAP is making this innovation accessible to the entire developer community via an open-source project called Gardener.

Benefits of the SAP Cloud Platform Kubernetes Environment

Customers can rely upon the SAP Cloud Platform to create, manage, secure and maintain the container clusters for them.

Leverage the Gardener open-source project to easily access a variety of community innovations.

Use container-native development to build and operate complex, stateful cloud applications that require greater freedom over underlying infrastructure.

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