Private Cloud

Innovate with confidence and achieve regulatory compliance using a secured and dedicated SAP Cloud Platform, private edition provided by the leading cloud infrastructure providers.   

Why SAP Cloud Platform, private edition?

Gain full access to innovative business and application services to build next-gen cloud-native applications. Garner total control of your data to meet protection and regulatory requirements with a dedicated and isolated SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry environment provisioned just for your organization. SAP Cloud Platform, private edition is a subscription-based SAP offering provisioned and operated by trusted partners. 

Key Benefits of Private Cloud

Dedicated and isolated SAP Cloud Platform just provisioned for your organization for maximum protection and control to meet your data privacy and regulatory requirements.

Open standards-based platform with enterprise-grade business and application services to innovate cloud-native business applications.

Subscription-based offering via trusted partners with differentiating managed services for specific reigions as well as innovation accelorators and industry expertise.

IBM and SAP will deliver SAP Cloud Platform, private edition on IBM Cloud Datacenters providing additional value-added capabilities like SAP S/4HANA extensions, data-driven SAP HANA apps, and integration with IBM Watson services. This will also address regulated industries, and both SAP and IBM are collaborating to enable U.S. FedRAMP certification. 

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Atos and SAP will deliver SAP Cloud Platform, private edition together with Atos Codex data and analytics service portfolio, which enables businesses to build analytic accelerators and offer new differentiating customer experiences and services. Atos will provide capacity in Europe, specifically Germany. 

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