Integration & Orchestration

Securely integrate and seamlessly orchestrate business processes, decisions and data between cloud and on-premise applications in real-time.

Why Integration & Orchestration?

Integrate and orchestrate business process and data between your cloud and on-premise applications and expose such data and processes as APIs to support any stage of the digital transformation journey. Create and manage workflows across applications and enrich them with decision logic that optimizes enterprise productivity.

Key Benefits of Integration & Orchestration

Pre-packaged integration content that allow a seamless integration with cloud and on-premise applications, from SAP as well as non-SAP with SAP Cloud Platform Integration.

Accelerate digital apps, open integrations and innovations with APIs via SAP Cloud Platform API Management – access simple, secure and scalable digital assets through APIs.

Rapidly build and modify workflow applications with enhanced productivity and coordinated tasks tailored to business processes with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow. Manage business logic without development with SAP Cloud Platform Business Rules.

Key Integration & Orchestration Services

Seamlessly Integrate Cloud and On-Prem Applications

SAP Cloud Platform Integration provides a rich set of capabilities for integration, that allow seamless integration with cloud and on-premise applications, both from SAP and third-party providers. It offers out-of-the-box integration content for accelerated integration and a wide variety of standard adapters. It also allows customers and partners to build their own integration content and connectivity options.

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Accelerate Digital Transformation with APIs

Manage the full API lifecycle to easily enable open integrations, extensions and app development with SAP Cloud Platform API Management. Businesses can share data and processes as APIs with business partners, connect devices to business transactions, build cross-company networks and innovate into new channels, partner ecosystems and revenue opportunities.

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Build & Extend Workflows

Build, run and manage workflows from simple approvals to end-to-end processes with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow. Harness the power of SAP WebIDE for workflow modeling, API consumption in custom applications, monitoring tools and a set of SAP Fiori-based applications for end users. Tailor business processes to specific needs and enhance productivity of end users with coordinated and accountable tasks.

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Author, Extend and Automate Decisions        

Enable users to manage business logic independently from application development with SAP Cloud Platform Business Rules. The web-based development and authoring environment for decision logic offers RESTful APIs the rules can be easily used and managed by developers. Rapidly build decision logic for workflow and extension apps on SAP Cloud Platform.

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Accelerating Third-Party Connectivity

SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors

Connect cloud applications with other cloud and on-prem apps from both SAP and third-party vendors with SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors. SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors safeguards and accelerates integration projects with out-of-the box integration content and provides a rich set of connectivity options and standard adapters for customers. Customers benefit from connectivity to third-party APIs via harmonized RESTful APIs and can develop and map canonical data models to extend pre-build connectors. Easily build API Composition across connectors.

Key Features of SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors

  • RESTful APIs with harmonized Uris and built-in interactive API documentation in Open API Specification
  • Standardized events that support polling and webhooks
  • Normalized authentication, error handling, search, pagination and bulk support regardless of underlying architecture

Maintain B2B Integration Content Quickly and Effectively

Integration Content Advisor for SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Business-to-business (B2B) integration relies on a variety of industry standards for electronic business document exchange – and managing a large number of business partners with varying requirements can be a challenge. Integration content advisor harnesses a revolutionary crowd-based machine learning approach to define, maintain, share, and deploy B2B integration content based on a completely new paradigm. The process offers transparency for all involved users and accelerates implementation and maintenance of B2B integration content.

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