SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite

Simplify integration and achieve results faster as you connect people, processes, data, and devices everywhere while supporting a wide variety of integration approaches.

Why SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite?

SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite simplifies integration by connecting people, processes, data, and devices everywhere by allowing people with different skills to leverage a wide variety of integration approaches, intuitive tools, and prepackaged content to achieve results faster and gain business agility with a versatile, dynamic, and enterprise-grade cloud integration platform.

Key Benefits of SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite

Versatile offering allowing you to connect people, processes, data, and devices everywhere simplifying delivery while overcoming the governance, security, and compliance challenges of ad-hoc integration approaches.

Dynamic approach that delivers results faster to match business needs with semantic business knowledge built in, prepackaged integration flows, harmonized connectivity with third-party applications, and published APIs ready for sandbox testing and consumption.

Enterprise-grade reliability assuring business continuity through professionally managed cloud services with comprehensive security and infrastructure scalability, methodology, and an active developer community all with no lock-in multicloud deployment options.

SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite

Seamlessly Integrate Cloud and On-Prem Applications

Connect cloud applications with other SAP and non-SAP cloud and on-premises apps.

Explore SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Accelerate Digital Transformation with APIs

Use API management to create simple connected digital experiences for your consumers, partners, and employees.

Explore SAP Cloud Platform API Management

Build & Extend Workflows

Automate business processes using workflow technology.

Explore SAP Cloud Platform Workflow

Author, Extend and Automate Decisions        

Enrich cloud offering with decisions modeling, management and execution service.

Explore SAP Cloud Platform Business Rules

Accelerate Third-Party Connectivity 

Accelerate connectivity with third-party cloud applications.

Explore SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors

SAP Cloud Platform Connectivity

Simply and securely connect cloud and on-premise systems.

Explore SAP Cloud Platform Connectivity

SAP Cloud Platform OData Provisioning

Securely access SAP Business Suite Data with zero disruption to systems of record

Explore SAP Cloud Platform OData Provisioning

SAP Cloud Platform Smart Data Integration

Transform data from multiple sources and store it in your SAP HANA instance.

Explore SAP Cloud Platform Smart Data Integration

SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging

Cloud-based messaging and event-enabling service for decoupling application logic and developing microservices.

Explore SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging

SAP Remote Data Sync

Synchronize data between remote databases and a cloud SAP HANA database.

Explore SAP Remote Data Sync

SAP Streaming Analytics

Process continuous streams of event data in real time and act on the results.

Explore SAP Streaming Analytics 

Maintain B2B Integration Content Quickly and Effectively

Integration Content Advisor for SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Business-to-business (B2B) integration relies on a variety of industry standards for electronic business document exchange – and managing a large number of business partners with varying requirements can be a challenge. Integration content advisor harnesses a revolutionary crowd-based machine learning approach to define, maintain, share, and deploy B2B integration content based on a completely new paradigm. The process offers transparency for all involved users and accelerates implementation and maintenance of B2B integration content.

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