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Code Search Pro
Find it EZ

Analyze the impact of software changes
throughout your code stack

Whenever changes are planned or made to the underlying database in any software application, it can be a challenge to find all referenced code that can be affected. Normally, each software layer, report type or programming language would require time-consuming and disconnected analysis with a variety of independent tools. Find it EZ Code Search Pro provides a full 360 degree view of your entire code-stack in a single integrated application.


reduction in development
time and cost

Your database changed, what else needs to?


portion of each day spent 
on impact analysis


Search Everything

Search your entire reports library in seconds whenever your underlying data model has changed. Create interactive and accurate change lists for your business intelligence analytics code stack.


Document It All

Produce detailed report definitions, database object cross references or extract every SQL statement used by any of your BI reports. Complete, consistent and simple documentation in an instant.


Change Data Sources

Change all data source connections for multiple SAP Crystal Reports in a single pass. Save time and reduce risk whenever you need to change references to a table alias, database server, type or name.



of TCO is spent
on enhancements

Capabilities & Features

Search your full BI stack

Find all references every time your database changes

Find all references to any field, string, code snippet, variable or data element whenever changes are planned. Search database schema, SQL code (procedures, views, functions) and tables, Excel or text file source data, as well as your entire SAP Crystal Reports library with a single integrated tool.

Document your analytics

Keep documentation current and relevant, effortlessly

Use built-in extracts and reports to instantly document your entire business intelligence report library. Create database cross references, extract all SQL code from both the reports and underlying database objects, export change list tasks to MS Project, and more.

Change made simple

Easily change SAP Crystal Reports data source connections

Mass update SAP Crystal Report data source connections and qualified table names any time you need to point to a different server or database. Flexibility to apply mass changes by report, sub-report and individual table. Find it EZ to move from development to staging and production environments.

Built-in security

Automatically inherit existing end-user system access rules

Code Search Pro is HIPAA compliant for the Health Care industry, and possesses nuclear facility security audit clearance. Configuration settings are saved for re-use between sessions and if you choose to save any passwords, they are always safely encrypted. And you stay secure with no extra configuration or administration by leveraging existing user permissions.

Support for SAP databases

Native connections to SAP ASE, IQ, SQL Anywhere and SAP HANA

Aligned with the SAP database road map, Find it EZ has built-in support for every major RDBMS. Search and document all of your core database objects, including events, synonyms, sequences, domains and table types. Get a clear picture of all your database object dependencies and external references.

Success Story Spotlight

Stony Brook Medical Center

"When one of our application vendors modified various data fields in their Oracle database tables, we needed to know which of our reports would be affected.  It took a programmer about 10 hours to search through 300 pre-selected reports, using various functions and utilities. Recently, we had another request to locate field references in our reports. Using Find It EZ, in one simple step, we were able to search our full library of 1800 reports within minutes! The savings in time and expense, as well as the increased accuracy are obvious."  

William Levinson, IT Project Manager, Stony Brook Medical Center

Find it EZ Code Search Pro fills a need for healthcare organizations throughout the USA, by providing visibility and highlighting all things that may be affected within their Epic bundle. Enabling faster and less error prone new release implementations. 

Organizations around the world get enormous benefit from Find it EZ tools and technologies. You can read more of their stories here and discover how you too can gain value from using Code Search Pro.


Simple, seamless and secure integration

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