SAP Cloud Platform Pricing

SAP Cloud Platform enables one easy customer experience for finding, trying, buying and consuming cloud services via a consumption-based commercial model. Gain access to all available SAP Cloud Platform services via one SKU with SAP Cloud Credits, and scale usage up and down based on your business requirements with no hassle—because SAP tracks, reports and predicts your usage of services.  Or, only subscribe to only the services you need with the fixed subscription-based commercial model.

Simplified, agile, flexible.

Receive access to all eligible SAP Cloud Platform services via SAP Cloud Credits to quickly start and scale new development projects to meet changing business requirements. Consumption-based pricing gives you one simple SKU and eliminates the need to define a dedicated bill of materials per project. Receive usage reporting on a regular basis, providing you the flexibility to use and pay only for services you consume via a prepaid cloud credit balance. Consumption-based pricing is perfectly suited for customers who want the transparency to understand their usage for each service plus the flexibility to add more as needed, in order to optimize costs across the enterprise. For more information, please read the FAQ on pricing.

Benefits of Consumption-based Pricing

Business Agility

  • Accelerate development with instant access to any eligible services
  • Scale innovation on a multi-cloud supported cloud platform
  • Future-proof development initiatives against unforeseen events

Hassle-free Innovation

  • Explore, provision and build in just a few clicks
  • Focus on innovation and not administrative overhead 
  • Flexibility and freedom to mix & match business and technical services

Simplified Engagement

  • Configure the cloud services that work for your business
  • Ease of managing cloud services consumed via self-service
  • Transparency for consumption of business and technical cloud services

Scenarios & Use Cases

Dive into real-world production projects proven to accelerate digital transformation by helping you quickly and easily develop the exact application you need. Select from a variety of specific SAP Cloud Platform scenarios and use cases related to key topics like mobile, user experience, security and more – all tailor-made to fit your business needs.

Alternative Commercial Models


Complete, protected, secure. Receive a fixed price and length for access to subscribed SAP Cloud Platform services and use as much of the subscribed services as desired. Safeguard IT investments via known costs for life of consumption. Subscription pricing is available for select services and can be configured in the Estimator.

If you are ready to make a purchase, the SAP Store has SAP Cloud Platform services available to buy now. An SAP Cloud Platform, starter edition is also available.

What’s the difference between the commercial models?


Contract Period
Consumption period (12+ months).

Available SAP Cloud Platform services
You are entitled to use all eligible SAP Cloud Platform services. No additional contract is required for changes in usage.

Price / Cost
You prepay for cloud credits, which are then balanced against consumption of services.

In advance, and again when cloud credits are used up*.

At the end of the consumption period.


Contract Period
Subscription period (typically 12 months or more).

Available SAP Cloud Platform services
You can use the services that are specified in your contract. Additional services require contract modifications.

Price / Cost
The cost is fixed for the duration of the subscription period, irrespective of consumption.

In advance, at the start of the contract period.

At the end of the subscription period.

*can be multiple times during consumption period