Use Case Pricing Scenarios

Select from a variety of scenario-specific use cases*, such as IoT, Big Data, DX and Mobility, and drive your digital transformation today. 

Big Data Insights & Machine Learning

Real-time Digital Applications

Best suited for building enterprise wide applications that require the real-time analytical capabilities of SAP HANA.

Big Data Cloud Warehouse

Add-on to Real-time Digital Applications for refining Big Data and combining it with enterprise data in a fully managed Hadoop solution with seamless integration to SAP HANA.


Enterprise-wide Collaboration
& Modern Intranet

Best suited for digital transformation and collaboration between end users within an enterprise.

Partner & Customer

Best suited for building a collaboration portal with external users and ecosystem.

Digital Experience & Mobility

User Experience

Experience Maker services best suited for deploying pre-built and custom SAP Fiori apps and all mobile apps.


Experience Maker services best suited for providing multi-channel digital experiences from desktop to mobile and beyond.

External Digital
Business Initiatives

Experience Maker services best suited for delivering digital transformation to partners, suppliers and consumers.

Integration & Security

Enterprise-wide Integration & Security

Best suited for data movement and process level integration between cloud and on-premise products, and capabilities such as OData provisioning (exposing on-premise business data and business logic as OData services), API management (internal and external secured exchanges of valuable information) and enterprise messaging (for large scale publish/subscribe information exchanges).


Enterprise-wide IoT Apps

Best suited for building enterprise-wide IoT applications that typically require collecting, processing, storing, and managing data at the edge & cloud, with device mgmt.

Leading IoT Use Case

Provides services to support an IoT use case for asset uptime maximization including servicing and collaboration.

*Use case pricing scenarios may include both subscription and consumption-based pricing options. Consult your AE for full details.