Unleash the API & Microservice Economy

Scale and orchestrate mircoservices, built in an API-first architecture.

Open Up Your Business to the Outside World 

APIs are the digital building blocks of modern applications and open integrations. The speed with which services can be deployed and integrated via APIs in the cloud is reshaping software architecture and business models. SAP Cloud Platform offers high availability API-driven microservices which allow developers to easily plug applications into a platform without having to know much about the complex software code that drives it. The SAP API Business Hub offers a one-stop destination for APIs, pre-packaged integrations and best practice templates from SAP and partners.

Use Cases

Explore hands-on and tangible SAP Cloud Platform use cases that will enable you to unleash the API and microservice economy right now.

Developing Resilient Microservices on SAP Cloud Platform using Open Source Components

Monetize your APIs with SAP API Management

Customer Success Stories

Browse related customer success stories and gather tips and tricks for unleashing the API and mircoservice economy from brands around the world.


Signify helps cities increase the value of lighting and analyze social sentiment with SAP Cloud Platform.


Waterwatch co-innovates with SAP to develop a crop disease alert app on SAP Cloud Platform.


PostNL uses SAP Cloud Platform API Management to securely offer its services to partners electronically through application APIs.