Harness Big Data Insights

Quantify big data insights to expose valuable business insights while meeting rigorous demands of the enterprise.

Do More With Your Data

Big Data must be ready to meet the rigorous demands of the enterprise. SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services are a performance-driven, robust Big Data solution that uniquely includes Hadoop and Spark operations services. The SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services solution is purpose-built for performance, reliability, and security. It easily scales to meet your largest jobs. Whether you’re new to Big Data or just want a streamlined, best-of-breed approach that frees up more time and resources, this is your answer.

Use Cases

Explore hands-on and tangible SAP Cloud Platform use cases that will enable you to harness Big Data insights right now.

Simplify Sales and Extend the Reach to Sales Teams

Data Management for Transportation Companies with SAP Digital Platform

Customer Success Stories

Browse related customer success stories and gather tips and tricks for harnessing Big Data insights from brands around the world.

Philips Lighting

Philips Lighting helps cities increase the value of lighting and analyze social sentiment with SAP Cloud Platform.


Hagleitner uses IoT combined with advanced analytics to modernize washroom facilities and help customers increase efficiency.