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In enterprise systems, information silos emerge when processes and data are kept in separate servers or data centers and they cannot interact with other systems. Data centers grow in size with the deployment of each new application, minimizing resource utilization and reducing the overall efficiency of the enterprise.

Data silos are nothing new to IT administrators and developers. They have tackled on-premises enterprise application integration (EAI)  projects over the past decade. With the increasing adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) and other cloud offerings it means that the information silos are once again becoming an obstacle - resulting in the fragmentation of processes and data - not on-premises, but in the cloud.

With SAP Cloud Platform you can rapidly connect all enterprise applications processes and data using SAP Cloud Platform's rich integration capabilities and business services to deliver direct business value. 


Featured Use Cases 

SAP Cloud Platform enables customers to...

Advance IoT

Keeping Truckers and their Cargo Safe 
with SAP Cloud Platform

Deploy eCommerce

Jaguar Land Rover
Deploying E-Commerce Sites
with SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Scale Sustainability

Scaling Its Sustainability Index 
with SAP HANA Cloud Platform

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Who builds on SAP Cloud Platform...

Ruralco Does!

Serving the Customer Better by Quadrupling the Speed of Stocktaking

Ruralco, agribusiness retailing giant, uses SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Fiori Cloud app to power its inventory management mobile app, making stocktaking faster and more accurate so customers have accurate inventory information.

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SAP Does!

SAP BusinessObjects Cloud is a next-generation software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that consolidates all analytics functionalities for all users in one product. Built on SAP Cloud Platform, it helps you overcome the challenge of point solutions and data silos spread throughout the organization with enterprise-wide access to analytics delivered through a public cloud experience that you can trust.

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