SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Transform Finance into a Strategic Asset

Unlock the Potential of Finance

As a corporate finance leader, you have a critical role and are keenly aware of the potential finance has to open up new business opportunities. You understand the implications of running operations globally, the challenges of ever changing
compliance regulations, and the impact of reacting instead of proactively setting governance rules and exploring new strategies. Unlocking the potential of corporate finance and realizing finance’s transformation to a strategic asset is challenging, but its value cannot be understated.

It's up to you to lead the way and with SAP HANA Cloud Platform you can!

Move Finance Forward

Today, you likely rely on software that requires a lot of manual processes. And that’s to say nothing of the spreadsheets. Automatic, up-to-the-minute business insights feel like a fantasy and accurate predictions remain out of reach. Technology needs to support the potential of finance—to make it agile and predictive, not left struggling to assess the situation and challenged to reconcile data sources.

Built for all types of users – SAP Agile Data Preparation can help you drive more successful analytics, data migration, and master data management (MDM) initiatives. Simplify how you access and discover the shape of data and become far more productive and agile than you ever dreamed.

SAP Agile Data Preparation

Lead Financial Transformation

You want to devise a new closure process so you don’t have to wait for the period end to get your results. You collaborate with you colleagues in IT to add this capability to your current financial application and with SAP HANA Cloud Platform, you have a trial up and running in a few weeks.  The results - predictive planning and forecasting have become possible, and you're out in front of compliance requirements.

Leverage SAP HANA in-memory, advanced data processing capabilities to build more intelligent applications that provide insights across all your data – structured or unstructured - at unprecedented speed.  By deploying SAP HANA on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform you gain maximum flexibility and freedom to visualize data, discover new insights, and share results.

Watch the webinar to learn how you can grow your business using SAP HANA Cloud Platform to embed advanced analytics into your solutions:

Webinar replay: SAP HANA Cloud Platform Predictive Analytics

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