Innovate IoT/ML/Analytics with SAP Leonardo

Accelerate digital transformation by rapidly deploying next-generation apps on SAP Cloud Platform, the foundation for SAP Leonardo.

Deploy Next-Generation Apps

SAP Leonardo is a phased approach to digital innovation that combines Design Thinking services with SAP Cloud Platform tools and services such as analytics, machine learning and IoT. SAP Leonardo gives you access to future-proof technology and methodologies that help you face any challenge in the digital world. With SAP Cloud Platform as the foundation to SAP Leonardo, our customers and partners are seamlessly integrating emerging technologies on SAP Cloud Platform along with capabilities such as user experience, business services to rapidly develop and deploy next-generation apps.

Use Cases

Creating Smart Business Models in Manufacturing with the SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things Service and SAP HANA Service

Using SAP Cloud Platform to Digitally Transform Brick-and-Mortar Retail Stores

Visual Search with Machine Learning on SAP Cloud Platform

Supporting Sustainable Farms with SAP Analytics Cloud

Customer Success Stories

Browse related customer success stories and gather tips and tricks for innovating with IoT, ML and analytics from brands around the world.


Hakusan uses SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Leonardo to develop an earthquake monitoring system.


Celkon reduces the manpower needed to capture and process data from different sources and improve system performance using SAP Cloud Platform.

NTT Group

NTT Group and the Keifuku Bus Company to keep riders safe using IoT on SAP Cloud Platform.

Live Oak

Live Oak makes faster and better decisions with real-time Information using SAP Cloud for Analytics.