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Supply Chain and Manufacturing

The Extended Supply Chain

As a supply chain and manufacturing leader, you see the entire field—from design to sourcing to production to delivery and even through to service. Today, customers order digitally, require personalization, and expect as much from the experience as they do from the product. New customer demands require new strategies for agility at every step of the modern 'extended supply chain'.

It's up to you to lead the way and with SAP Cloud Platform you can...

Visibility Powers Agile Manufacturing

Today, you likely rely on specialized, but disconnected software solutions—each its own island of gated information. Your partners, suppliers, and perhaps even colleagues at your own company have little visibility into your shop floor. So, valuable machinery sensor data that could be used for troubleshooting, quality tracking and predictive maintenance sits idle. Meeting the demands of customers who require individualized products requires transparency, not disconnected software solutions.

SAP Cloud Platform Integration, integrates processes and data between cloud apps, 3rd party applications and on-premises solutions. It is an open, flexible, on-demand integration system running as a core service on SAP Cloud Platform.

SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Bring It All Together

You want to get real-time visibility into the inventories of your suppliers to better service your customers. In the past, integrating data from different companies and their heavy-duty software applications would have cost a fortune and taken years. But, not today. You collaborate with your colleagues in IT to build a lightweight inventory dashboard app on SAP Cloud Platform that quickly and easily connects up your suppliers. With the trial up and running in a few weeks, you know you've got
your customers covered.

SAP Fiori Cloud runs on SAP Cloud Platform and consumes the business processes from your existing on-premises SAP Business Suite systems. SAP Fiori Cloud provides a complete implementation journey — experience the new UX, extend and connect to your on-premises systems, and then deploy the solution for productive usage in a secured environment.

SAP Fiori Cloud

Featured Partner Apps for Supply Chain and Manufacturing

Material Requirement Planning Tool

Interactive user-decision making tool for material replenishments

Job Scheduling and Resource Allocation

Simultaneous Job Schedule and Resource Allocation


Improve operational productivity and reduce costs through automation


Reduces total cost of ownership up to 80%

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